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Chris Hanna

⚡Your Money Guy

Managing your business
& personal finances

I’ll build your financial models, systems, and dashboards so you never have to worry about money


"10 out of 10. Can't recommend Chris enough." - Almost literally everyone

How it works

In less than 30 days...

You could have:

Personal Dashboard

  • All your money on auto-pilot

  • All your finances in one clear picture

  • Know how much you need every month

  • Use credit cards without overspending

Cash Flow (or Profit) Model

  • Forecast your business cash flow

  • Predict your monthly profit

  • Know how much you need to keep in your business

  • Know how much you can take out of your business

  • ​Know​ what opportunities you can or can't afford

Monthly Financial Review

  • Stay on top of your finances

  • See how much you made, spent, and profited

  • Discuss new investment opportunities

  • Plan for upcoming events

  • Stay on top of your finances

OR a custom financial system for your most time-consuming tasks.

One month. One price.

All included.

Pricing & Scope

Premium CFO


Cancel anytime

  • Unlimited requests for models, systems, & dashboards

  • Average delivery 1-2 weeks

  • One request at a time

  • One monthly financial zoom

  • 24/7 access to Your Money Guy

  • Cancel anytime

What clients say

Templates & Zoom 1-on-1s

Not ready for Premium CFO? You can also grab my templates or connect with me 1-on-1

Step by step templates + videos to manage your money

Connect with me 1-on-1 for a 30 minute money session 

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  • Instagram

Chris Hanna | Your Money Guy

2024 Wake Up Freely LLC

Disclaimer: I’m just a guy who’s good with money. And while I have a bachelor of science in finance and economics, as well as experience working with high-income clientele, I’m not a financial advisor or cpa. No part of my services are, or should be misconstrued as professional financial, investing, tax, or legal advice.

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