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Tiny Check

The Ultimate
Blackjack Guide

How to Win More Money Than Your Friends

(and Leave Vegas With Bragging Rights)



5/5 (from early users)

Tiny Check

Created after millions of views and thousands of questions  

To make you a blackjack ace before you hit Vegas

Tiny Check

What's inside

1. How the game works

Understand the entire game in 3 minutes

2. The Plays

Dead-simple ways to learn and memorize basic strategy

3. Betting Strategies

How to bet smart and know when to walk away

4. Best rules

What to look for + avoid like the plague

5. Etiquette

How to piss off the table (use wisely)

6. Myths

What 99% of blackjack players get wrong

7. How to practice

Get good even if there’s no casino around you

Bonus: Counting Cards 101

How it works and where to learn


details inside

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