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Be smart with your money so you can create a life you love

We'll build your financial dashboard, and step by step action plan together.

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"Chris is a money EXPERT and he's such a great teacher. Easily worth 10x what he's charging." - Matt B, TX



  • See all your money in one clear picture

  • Track your savings and investing goals

  • Easily make new financial decisions

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  • Pay your bills, save, and invest without thinking about it

  • Always know where your money’s going (which is the ultimate peace of mind)

  • Eat out, travel and spend guilt-free with a new Fun account

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Step by Step
Action Plan

  • Follow a simple checklist to get control of your money and put it on autopilot

  • Your best friend when you have no clue where to start

  • The exact steps even a lazy person can take

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Will this work if... ?

  • Salaried

  • Part-time

  • Unpredictable income

  • Lazy

  • Bad with money

  • Super busy


I've done this for part-time employees making $2 grand a month and UFC fighters making $200 grand a night.


It's what I do.


I'll make sure you get control of your money no matter what your unique situation is.

Sijara E, NJ

  • UFC Fighter

  • $50k - $200k /fight

  • Unpredictable income

Today: Income smoothed out, living expenses budgeted, finally saving, paying off debt, and investing.


"What’s great about Chris is like... he’s teaching me how to finance. He’s not just cookie cutter-ing me in or giving me a one size fits all program. He’s working with me on a 1-on-1 coaching basis. He’s literally teaching me how to fish."

Ethan H, MA

  • Project Manager

  • Salary $60,000/year + bonus

  • No idea where money's going

Today: Easy to see where money's going. Fully automated bills, savings, and investments. Spends guilt-free on eating out, traveling, and video games. 


"I love eating out and now I can actually do that without feeling guilty. Chris made it so simple. And I loved the step by step plan he gave me. "

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